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TopTip Diamond Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called as TopTip Diamond) was established in the year of 2014. TopTip Diamond is a high-tech company which is specialized in the developing, manufacturing and marketing of superhard composites: PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and PCBN (polycrystalline cubic boron nitride) cutting tool blanks.

TopTip Diamond has a top-class R&D team, technical force, modern processing equipment and testing facilities. Within the first 3 years after the establishment, TopTip Diamond has developed series of PCD cutting tool blanks for woodworking industries basing on the various domestic toolmakersneeds, and the PCD blanks and pre-cut tips have been widely used by many Chinese toolmakers. Since the beginning of the year 2017, TopTip Diamond has been making extraordinary effort on PCD cutting tool blank for metalworking applications and PCBN cutting tool blanks. And also the products began to be sold to overseas market one year later. Nowadays, TopTip Diamond is able to manufacture and supply various kinds of market-oriented PCD and PCBN blanks by either discs or pre-cut tips for different industrial applications. And the products are exported to more than 20 countries covering Germany, Italy, France, USA, Spain, Poland, Japan, etc.

TopTip Diamond is a still young company, however, she is a professional manufacturer who has been devoting herself to superhard composites of PCD and PCBN. TopTip Diamond motivated team have the unique ability to partner with you in the development of diversified and innovative solutions with top grade PCD and PCBN products and satisfying services.


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